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Mercredi, jeudi & vendredi : 08h30–22h30
Samedi & dimanche : 08h30–minuit
Lundi & Mardi : Fermé
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Throughout the day, M. CHARLES offers an evolving experience, a chance to indulge in classic, high-quality dishes straight from the kitchen of Chef Gilles BLONAY, to discover reassuring or unusual flavours, in a comfortable setting, a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly ambience.
Available throughout the day, tapas are particularly popular in the evening. In restoring this historic site, Catherine AITIS has integrated a garden terrace into the heart of the building, just as it was originally. In a bohemian chic atmosphere, surrounded by vegetation and enjoying the privacy of the patio, you can enjoy being outside inside at any time… Here, you can also enjoy the view: trees, ivy, fountains and sublime glass roofs surround you.

Just like in the best bars, you’ll have a great time with a drink in hand. The cocktail experience is a whole world of discoveries and gustatory journeys. Spritz, Moscow Mule… of course the traditional cocktails are available. Creative recipes and signature cocktails too!

Our cocktail menu is made up of creations created by our barman mixologist. We want to surprise you. A varied and ever-changing selection will take you on a voyage of discovery…
If you’re a fan of the classics, our barman will make them to order… and will be sure to suggest a variation.



Mezcal Baby! – 14 €
Mezcal infused with peppers, Chestnut cream, Lime juice, Spicy Honey, Bitter Black Walnut, Simple syrup

Golden Spice – 14 €
Bacardi Amber Rum, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Maple syrup, Chaï spices (Clarified)

Did You Ask a Pisco? – 14 €
Pisco, Grape juice, Violet cream, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Foamer

Brown Sugar Smash – 14 €
Haig Club Whisky, Brown Sugar, Apple Juice, Ginger Beer, Cinnamon

Lemon Meringue Pie – €15
Martini Blanc, Limoncello, Icing Sugar, Perrier, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Zest

Pandan Colada – 14 €
Amber Rum, White Rum, Coconut Cream, Pineapple Juice, Pandan Extract


Gin Bramble – 12 €
Gin, Cream of blackberry, Lime juice, Simple syrup, Fresh blueberries

Naked And Famous – 14 €
Mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Aperol, Lime juice

Expresso Martini – 12 €
Vodka, Kahlua, Simple syrup, Expresso

Lina Mule – 12 €
Vodka, Lime juice, Gimber, Ginger beer

Vesper Martini – 10 €
Vodka, Gin, Lillet Blanc, Lemon zest


Whenever M. CHARLES is not too busy, our mixologist Kassandra TOLLA will be delighted to share a moment with you and take you into her world.

In just a few exchanges, she discovers your tastes and preferences, your desire to surprise or to stay on familiar ground…

While mixology plays an important role, it is not the only way to toast and make glasses sing. You’ll love the white, red, rosé and champagne wine list, which is identical to that of the LEO-PAUL restaurant.
Nothing is left to chance. For lovers of spirits, you’ll find a fine selection of rum, gin, whisky, liqueurs…
Here you can also sample a selection of the best local produce: beers, wines, liqueurs ranging from lemons to fir buds to edelweiss… cheeses, charcuterie…

Savoie is gourmet! Even the coffee is local: you’ll find in your cups our selection straight from the Terroir Café roasting workshop.The music is also important in setting the mood of the lounge-bar. It varies with the rhythm of the day, sometimes soft, sometimes festive, sometimes romantic… always part of the moment…
M. CHARLES also aims to be a place where creative people can meet, promoting local art and craftspeople who regularly exhibit their work. Discover it too!
And when the weather’s nice, get your diaries ready and come and join us for themed evenings based around cinema and the dolce vita!



Coffee berry – 10 €
Cranberry juice, Blackcurrant syrup, Lemon juice, Guatemala espresso, Mint

Apple Pie – 10 €
Apple juice, Cinnamon syrup, Lemon juice, Chai infusion, Tonka infused milk

Sweet Childhood – 9 €
Milk, Rose Syrup, Strawberry Puree, Rosemary

Pample Fever – 9 €
Grapefruit juice, Honey, Lemon juice, Thyme, Perrier



Black Johnnie Walker 12 years 12 €

Chivas 12 €

Talisker 10 years 14 €

Lagavulin 16 years 16 €

Fontagard 16 €

Fuyu 14 €

Haig Club 10 €


Woodford reserve 10 €

Eagle Rare 10 years 14 €


Diplomatico 10 €

Bacardi Carta Oro 10 €

Don Papa 12 €

Zacapa 23 years 16 €

Santa-Teresa 1796 16 €

Overseas XO rhum Cane 18 €

Doorly’s 12 years Barbados rum 18 €


Bombay 10 €

Hendrick’s 12 €

Brockman 12 €

Monkey 47 12 €

Citadelle 12 €

Gin 8 Maison M – Valmorel 14 €

Aprilis – Le Bourget du Lac 14 €


Blanco 12 €

Reposado 16 €

Anejo 18 €


Ketel One 10 €


Hennessy VS 12 €

Hennessy XO 16 €


Duc de Camilhac 12 €