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The Chef




Chef Nancia ANDRIANTSALAMA has a burning passion for cooking. A flame that has burned within her since she was a child. His grandmother instilled in him a desire and an established taste. Cooking is a true vocationA career path that took shape very early on, from the end of secondary school.

Soon to be 33, our Chef was born in Madagascar, where she grew up surrounded by a multitude of different cultures and cuisines from around the world. At the age of 9, she moved to France and at the end of secondary school, she began her training at the Lycée hôtelier de Challes les Eaux, where she spent four enriching years.

His career then took on a professional dimension with the completion of an additional qualification in pastry-making as an apprentice at Les Morainières restaurant in Jongieux (73) with Mickael ARNOULT. She is initiated and takes taste in the great gastronomy. Especially since the restaurant, at the time crowned with 1* Michelin, won its second star.
She then continued to work for a year with Chef Mickael ARNOULT, perfecting and developing her skills in various positions in the kitchen, from «hot» to pastry. This experience allows him to understand the importance of the role of a Chef, in the creativity, mastery and control of the kitchen for the conductor.

Her journey then took her to Canada, where she worked in a traditional restaurant this time. An experience that has enriched his culinary understanding and allows him to discover a new approach to the profession, characterized by a love of work well done and the absence of pressure.


Une cheffe passionnée

Back in France and its region, she continues to explore traditional French and Savoyard cuisine in various establishments in Savoie and Haute Savoie.

Here we are in 2018… Every day she passes the restaurant LEO-PAUL which has just been renovated and is recently managed by Chef Gilles BLONAY, previously starred for 18 years at La Grange à Sel* at Le Bourget du Lac.
She is attracted by the reputation of the Chef and the menu that fully corresponds to her culinary tastes.

"What's important? Surprise by the culinary diversity and offer a moment of delight! "

One evening, after a dinner at the table of LEO-PAUL, the Chef passes in the room for a moment of exchanges with the guests. She then dares to express her desire to work with him. With Chef Gilles BLONAY, the connection is instantaneous and then begins a long and beautiful collaboration that began on the occasion of a family dinner.

Now that she is in charge of the kitchens, she still has a close relationship with her mentor. Although he is no longer present, their bond remains strong and he continues to accompany him in his professional development, exchanging together on the map and other aspects of the profession.




Discover, be surprised, be tempted, be surprised, enjoy!!

At the restaurant LEO-PAUL, Chef Nancia ANDRIANTSALAMA offers a cuisine where the culinary diversity of Madagascar with its Asian, African and worldwide influences, harmoniously meet the classics of French cuisine.

If our Chef Nancia ANDRIANTSALAMA appreciates the foundations of French cuisine, she also finds her inspiration in the culinary diversity of Madagascar, where Asian, African and worldwide influences meet harmoniously.

His kitchen is generous, comforting and neat.
It is the expression of a desire: to offer a memorable culinary experience and introduce new flavors to its guests.

The plural universe of her childhood, during those years when she was built, is expressed in her creations. And his team is also in this image. She attaches great importance to the diversity of profiles and origins, promoting a harmonious working atmosphere based on sharing and exchanges.

She constantly seeks aesthetic and gustatory innovation, bringing boldness to classic bases while ensuring a beautiful balance, subtle, in her creations.

Of discreet nature out of her kitchen, our Head Nancia ANDRIANTSALAMA reveals great humility and she likes that her dishes speak for her.

A creed: the constant search for aesthetic and gustatory innovation

Quality tapas, selection of cold cuts and cheeses, but also favorite dishes and the unmissable menu of the M.CHARLES are also declined by the Chef Nancia ANDRIANTSALAMA and her team.

A gourmet promise at every table in the House…