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The Chef




Chef Gilles Blonay has a long-standing reputation in the region for his refined cuisine, generously showcasing the flavours and beauty of local produce.

Although he developed a taste for cooking at an early age, his career path has enabled him to work alongside some of the great names in gastronomic cuisine, developing his mastery of his art and his creativity in renowned establishments.

He worked at the Elysée under Mitterrand. Joined the Guy Savoy*** brigade. He has worked in the kitchens of iconic hotels such as L’Ermitage in La Baule.

For many years, he lived to the rhythm of the seasons at Le Bateau Ivre**, in winter in Courchevel and the rest of the year in Le Bourget du Lac, near Aix-les-Bains.

Reconnaissance arrives at La Grange à Sel in Le Bourget du Lac. As head of the kitchens, he was soon awarded a star by the Michelin guide. Chef Blonay will be in the famous red guide for 18 years! Until the restaurant closes.

At the same time, Madame AITIS bought the future LEO-PAUL restaurant in Aix les Bains.

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Un chef généreux & passionné

It’s close to her heart and she’s got plans! As one of the loyal customers of La Grange à Sel*, she appreciates the gastronomy and, in particular, the style and dishes of Chef Blonay, so she asked him to join her. It gives him carte blanche to enjoy himself, express himself through his cuisine and build his team, without the pressure of the quest for Michelin stars.

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Rediscovering this star of the kitchen. They agree on one credo: the Chef offers and introduces his customers to the kind of cuisine he knows how to make, at an affordable price.

The menu is well-balanced and varied, making the most of seasonal produce and giving diners the chance to discover some exceptional products.

Freedom to suit your mood! If the choice is difficult, the Chef will help you by proposing a range of menus based on the dishes on the menu, in different formulas. It’s a guided gastronomic journey…




Taste, discover, savour, share and enjoy!

At the LEO-PAUL restaurant, chef Gilles BLONAY offers you classic cuisine with a creative twist.

It’s obvious that the Chef’s gourmet, passionate and mischievous nature has left its mark on the LEO-PAUL table.

A man of transmission and experience, he guides and educates the kitchen and service teams in the demands of quality and the desire to give the best of themselves.

A real people-sharer, he comes into the dining room at the end of each service, at midday for lunch and in the evening for dinner, and takes the time to share his culinary experience.

Chef Blonay is very open-minded, so this is an opportunity to talk about local produce, producers, inspiration, cooking and recipes… as the mood takes you, according to the season, and always in a friendly atmosphere.

The Chef’s imprint extends beyond the LEO-PAUL restaurant table. You’ll find it on the menu of the M. CHARLES lounge-bar!

Our credo: finding the right products to make great food!

The quality of the tapas, the selection of charcuterie and cheeses, as well as traditional French dishes and the must-try items on the LEO-PAUL menu are all prepared by Chef BLONAY and his team.

A gourmet promise at every table in the House…