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in the heart of Aix les Bains town centre



Annual closing on Sunday 7 January 2024 after lunch,
Reopening for lunch on Friday 2 February 2024

The LEO-PAUL restaurant and the new M. CHARLES lounge-bar are the result of owner Catherine AITIS’ desire to offer two tasty, welcoming and complementary places to live in the Aix les Bains district.

These two worlds, located at the same address, are for her an invitation into her home. The same spirit, elegant, comfortable decor and attentive service…

And to make sure you’re well looked after, it has entrusted its kitchens to chef Gilles BLONAY, an 18-year Michelin-starred* chef, who honours gastronomy with enthusiasm and generosity and has rigorously and passionately selected the very best produce, including an anthology of Savoyard products!


un chef enthousiaste & passionné

Having worked in prestigious establishments such as the Elysée under Mitterrand, Guy Savoy*** and the Bateau Ivre** in Courchevel, he established his reputation by orchestrating the kitchens of La Grange à Sel*, on the shores of Lac du Bourget, which was awarded 1 star in the Michelin Guide for 18 years. While the high standards of gastronomic cuisine are evident in its dishes, they are also spiced up with a generous pinch of gourmet goodness spiced with mischief!

"My cooking is that of a gourmand and gourmet"

With a very successful career under his belt, he continues to be enthusiastic about imagining and reinventing dishes and recipes. He has an undeniable gift for striking the right balance between authentic and refined cuisine.

Very close to his team, he passes on his passion and vision with kindness and care. Together, they take great pride in delighting you.

His talent in the kitchen has just one thought, just one ambition: to please at the table! Chef Blonay cooks from the heart, in a spirit of sharing. That’s why he makes it a point of honour to come into the dining room at the end of each service, so that he can chat with each guest at the table.

Here, you come to eat, of course, lunch, dinner… But above all, taste, discover, savour, share and enjoy!
At the LEO-PAUL restaurant, chef Gilles BLONAY offers you classic cuisine with a creative twist.

Products are the source of everything, from inspiration in the kitchen to the pleasure of the gastronomic experience at the table. The magic happens at the moment of tasting, when three elements come together: choosing fresh, quality produce, mastering culinary skills, and preparing the dishes with rigour and generosity.

"I work seriously without taking myself too seriously."

A successful dish is a harmonious plate that highlights the product, the flavours and the cooking.

Chef BLONAY is inspired by all products, as long as they are of the highest quality. There are no limits or preferences, no excesses and no restrictions.

But he also has a number of signature dishes, including foie gras, open lobster ravioli and, for dessert, the traditional hot soufflé!

Annual closing on Sunday 7 January 2024 after lunch,
Reopening for lunch on Friday 2 February 2024
Closed on Monday & Tuesday

Horaires de service


Wednesday to Sunday from 12 noon to 1.30 pm


Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm to 9pm

Our credo: finding the right products to make great food!

Our opulent regional territory is of course a source of imagination and enthusiasm. Savoie and the Alps, with their mountains, countryside, rivers and lakes, offer inspiration galore! Savoie Mont-Blanc producers offer quality and diversity at every level: fish, meat and charcuterie, vegetables, fruit, cheese, aromatic plants, wine…

And they go superbly well with products from the sea and the ocean, from our other French regions, from our close Italian cousins, with exotic products, and many other inspirations.

Of course, the menu changes with the seasons, and it also evolves during the season according to the ripeness and availability of the best produce. It’s up to you to give in to your desires! Sometimes the choices are difficult…
The menus are based on the dishes from the à la carte menu, and offer a culinary journey designed by the chef.

And to give you even more choice at lunchtime (excluding Sundays), the suggestion menu, created according to the inspiration of the moment, is renewed every week. A great excuse to come and see us again!


A la carte & Menus




Taste, discover, savour, share and enjoy!

At the LEO-PAUL restaurant, chef Gilles BLONAY offers you classic cuisine with a creative twist.


Wine List

The wine list is designed to be comprehensive in terms of territory and wine character, while maintaining a certain amount of variety and accessibility.

Of course our beautiful region is represented! We want you to discover the quality and diversity of Savoie wines.

We have a sincere bond, a state of mind in tune, a special affection, with the houses and estates that have been selected. Family tradition, attachment to the land, respect for the environment, quality, uniqueness – this is the world we want you to share with us.

France is a world reference and it’s our exclusive reference!

Wines and champagnes can be enjoyed on any occasion, to celebrate an event or simply to enjoy a good moment.


As well as being an age-old custom in our beautiful country, it is also, for connoisseurs, an enhancer, a revealing complement to the dishes, enriching the gastronomic experience of a meal. That’s why we’ve designed our menu to be both representative and consistent with our dishes.

It’s with sincere pleasure that we offer you the chance to take your bottle home with you, if you haven’t consumed it all.

And if one bottle is too much for you, our selection of wines by the glass is sure to please.

"A meal is a great opportunity to treat yourself."

For Catherine AITIS, the acquisition of the future LEO-PAUL restaurant in 2017 was a bolt from the blue. Located right in the centre of town, close to the casino and the Parc de Verdure, in a lively, gourmet neighbourhood, she wants her address to become more than just an establishment. She wants every guest to think “Maison” in the name of the restaurant.

A lover of good food, she needs a chef who matches her style, culinary quality and mindset. It was only natural that she should approach Gilles BLONAY, chef for 25 years at La Grange à Sel* by the lake, which has just closed and was one of her favourite restaurants. It’s the meeting of two people who are full of life, passionate, authentic… and serious too.

From 2018 onwards, Chef BLONAY will be bringing his expertise and refined, gourmet cuisine to the restaurant, instilling his good humour in both his team and gourmets.

If there’s one thing that Catherine AITIS and Gilles BLONAY have in common, it’s the gastronomic pleasures they want you to experience and share.

In 2019, a new milestone is reached: the restaurant is renovated. Catherine AITIS is totally committed to shaping the restaurant in her own image, because for her, the setting and atmosphere are essential to the pleasures of the table.

For the décor, she chose a combination of rococo and art-deco in homage to the history of the place, combined with a contemporary elegance that is resolutely anchored in the present. The dining room has a refined elegance that enhances the historic style of the place, and the setting is warm and comfortable so that guests can enjoy their meal to the full.

The service is just as good: courteous, attentive and discreet.

Catherine AITIS’ relationship with the site is strong. She also renamed the restaurant after her grandson, who was born during the renovations: LEO-PAUL.

The rebirth of a historic and emblematic address

At the end of September 2021, the building, built in 1863, will be closed for more than a year of renovation work. Catherine AITIS is realising her dream of restoring the entire establishment to its former glory. It gives full autonomy to the LEO-PAUL restaurant, distinguishing it from the Grand Hôtel du Parc. At the same time, she created a new place to live, still at the same address on rue de Chambéry: the M. CHARLES lounge-bar.

Why Mr Charles, you might ask? Well, because Leo-Paul has had a little brother in the meantime: Charles! When we tell you that you’re in a family home…

Come and join us from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive. We are open day and night… morning, noon, afternoon, evening… for lunch, dinner, a coffee, an aperitif with or without tapas… alone, with a loved one, with family, with friends…

A welcoming place to live, with something for everyone!
One address : 28 rue de Chambéry

The LEO-PAUL restaurant and the M. CHARLES lounge bar are just as much your address for business meetings as for gourmet breaks, romantic getaways and festive outings.

And there’s more to come!
We’ll have to wait a little longer, until 2 FEBRUARY 2024, to discover the new gardens. Adjacent to the LEO-PAUL restaurant and the M. CHARLES lounge-bar, LES JARDINS D’EVA will be unveiled.

Between rue Sommeiller and avenue de Tresserve, better than a terrace, it’s an oasis of greenery that welcomes you all year round into a bohemian chic world, named after Leo-Paul and Charles’ cousin. Day and night, the summer and winter gardens are living spaces. Here, time passes peacefully in a beautiful, gentle atmosphere.

This extension of the lounge-bar, designed as an intimate Eden, is the ideal place for an aperitif, a break, lunch or a digestif, with the feeling of being in a peaceful little park.
Also from autumn 2023, to make the most of your dinner and evening, we’ll be offering you the chance to stay overnight at the Grand Hôtel du Parc**** at preferential rates.

The origins of M. CHARLES lie in Catherine AITIS’ desire to offer Aix les Bains a cosy, refined, welcoming and comfortable place to live.

Whatever time of day you push open the door, it’s the promise of a delicious interlude in your day, whether you’re looking for a gourmet break, a festive getaway, a romantic moment or even a business meeting.

A lounge-bar for epicureans, where you can enjoy cocktails, wines, champagnes, tapas, local produce, bowls and daily specials, as well as variations on some of the recipes on the LEO-PAUL restaurant menu.